Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife.  Through education and rehabilitation, we hope to create a better future for our native wildlife.

The Haven began with a single caring individual...

In 1987 Mary Jane Isner began caring for injured and orphaned squirrels in her home, as a favor to the Orlando Humane Society.


Later that year, she received her state wildlife rehabilitation permit and opened her doors to all types of Florida wildlife. She began with only a few cages, totally naive to how these events would change her life.


That first year Mary Jane cared for less than 100 animals.

Now nearly 2000 animals pass through our doors annually.

The Haven is a volunteer based organization which takes in injured and orphaned wildlife and releases them back to their home in the wild once they are healthy and able to survive on their own. We also offer educational presentations to schools and youth groups in order to teach our youth the importance of wildlife in our environment and our lives.



Our first priority lies with the quality care of the lives entrusted to our care, so that they can be returned to their home in the wild. Volunteers are needed every single day of the year to provide care for the wild residents.  While in our care, each animal needs a habitat which must be cleaned 2 to 3 times per day, food and water, medication for those with injuries or illness, and constant monitoring to ensure they progress towards rehabilitation.  We also depend on the help of our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Robert Hess of the Winter Park Veterinary Clinic.  Dr. Hess volunteers his time and talent to help with some of the more serious injuries and provides guidance and support to The Haven.



The Haven provides presentations to local schools, clubs, and other organizations to promote awareness of wildlife's vital role in our ecosystem. Emphasis is placed on the importance of conservation and compassion toward all living beings. If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact us.


Our goal by extending this service to the community is to educate the public to the positive effects of wildlife and how each person can make a difference TODAY. By providing information regarding Backyard Habitat ideas, local legislative issues, and humane nuisance wildlife solutions we hope to improve public attitude and concern for our wild neighbors.


Capitol One offers a credit card with The Haven logo on it.
The first time you use the card, Capitol One will donate $25 to The Haven. From then on, each time you use the card 1% of all your purchases will be donated to The Haven.
Click on the credit card image to visit Capitol One and for more information.